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Our story begins in 2014, when we created our first website. This website was about SEO (search engine optimization) since we tried to start a business in this niche. We thought that by learning about SEO from huge marketing blogs like neilpatel.com, moz.com, searchenginejournal.com, etc. we would be able to rank our website on Google. But after more than a year of trying to rank it, we failed miserably… Why? Because there was too much competition for ordinary people. We weren’t “the insiders” so we couldn’t fight our way through to the first page of a Google search.

After this failure, we kept trying. We didn’t give up. Instead, we bought a few SEO courses for $400 & $500. As a part of these courses, we were required to have paying clients. Although we were able to find those clients, we weren’t able to get them ranked on the first page. After 6 months, we were still having no luck. As you can imagine, our clients were very upset. They didn’t understand why we couldn’t do the job we had told them we could do. Of course they also asked for their money back. It was a mess.

Another 3 months passed. We were attending a live event hosted by Tai Lopez when something struck a chord with us. The event was talking about a few of the SEO industry leaders who were able to make 7 figures a MONTH based on their SEO. We knew this was our best opportunity to learn more about the industry. Many of the industry leaders were introduced and talked about their process. Of course, the live event was leading up to a pitch. This pitch was the SEO training course for $8,000.

We had spent a good deal of money already, but, we went for it. It was the best money we ever spent to enhance ourselves. We couldn’t be happier with the results of this training course. Now, we know how to get any website ranked at any time. We don’t have to think about the competition of the market because we can beat the competition.

This all happened because we were coached by the best in the SEO industry. People like Kotton Grammer (kottongrammer.com), Gregory Ortiz (gregoryortiz.com), Joshua Fletcher (searchexplosion.com), Brian Dean (backlinko.com) and others.

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3 Step Process To Rank Your Website

website optimization


Before doing anything else, we will perform a detailed website SEO audit to see how well or not, your website is optimized for Google.

website optimization


We will perfectly optimize your website so Google bot could properly craw, index and  connect your website pages to certain keywords.

website optimization


We will greatly increase your website trust and authority by building high-quality, niche relevant backlinks, social backlinks and driving traffic.

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Give your business the visibility it deserves by dominating first Google rankings.

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With our services you will drive more customers to your website, product and services.

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Just watch as your business grows from new stream of inquiries and sales.

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Why is SEO Important for Your Coventry Based Business?

You may or may not know the importance of search engine ranking. Think of searching a term on Google. Google brings back the most relevant websites to answer your question, right? This is determined through SEO, which tells the search engine whether or not a website has relevant information. If your website is SEO-friendly, you might find yourself listed on the first page. If your website isn’t SEO-friendly, you’ll likely never come up in the search results.

In order to have web authority, you have to have a website that comes up in the search results. Not on the 10th page, but the 1st. You’ll never accomplish this unless you understand the importance of SEO-friendliness.

Now SEO is based on a few different factors. These include the keywords that are in play on your website, the quality of the content you post, the frequency of new posts on your website, the responsiveness and loading time of your website and even the activity on your website (such as bounce rates and click-throughs). The deciding factor of your SEO rank will fall into the categories above. For instance, inactive websites will rank low while active websites will rank high. Website with stronger keywords will always rank higher than websites that use standard keywords. This is simply how a search engine decides the overall value of your website.

The true value of SEO for your website is being deemed an authority in your city such as Coventry. When you consistently come up as the first result or on the first page, people believe you are a leader. They will visit your website, purchase your products and sign up for your services. SEO is a necessity to see conversions. So do you want to become a leader in Coventry?

So How do You Become an Authority?

You get ranked on the first page of search engine results for Coventry?

That’s not as easy as it sounds like it should be. Getting yourself ranked on the front page takes hard work and motivation. You have to completely understand what SEO means and how you can use the algorithm to your benefit. For instance, knowing that SEO takes information from the quality of your posts and website activity means you can post high-quality content regularly. This will help to increase your rank. Whenever you post content, make sure you’re using keywords that are relevant to your website and what you have to offer. This will tell the search engines to pull up your website as a result.

There are two types of keywords and knowing the difference can help. Short-term keywords are often one or two words. These are the most commonly determined keywords, based on your content and the meta information you applied to your website. The second type is long-tail, which is rare. If you use any long-tail keywords on your website you will get a higher quality of visitors. That’s just a little trick that will help you get into the search results. You need to be in search results in order to get that authority. It’s not enough to have a great website if you’re not coming up in results. You have to do both.

This is exactly why we are here. To help you with our Coventry SEO services rank your website as high as you want in search engine results. If you are ready to 10x your Coventry based business then click on the orange pill below.

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